Who are we, and what can we do?

Our ultimate aim is to design and develop websites which are completely self-manageable, which gives you (the website owner) the freedom and control to make changes as and when you need to, without it costing you an arm or a leg!

All our new websites and website upgrades, are all built and configured to enable online edit-ability.  Need to change a phone number, or update an image?  It's really as simple as going to your website, logging in, making the change and publishing it.  Once we have completed the website you then have complete control.

Initially some are daunted by this idea which is why we give each client a one on one training session on how to operate your website, along with a help guide and on-going support options.

To complement your website, we can help with creating online email campaigns (for newsletters, updates etc), email account generation and configuration, website statistics, configure Google Adwords (to help increase your traffic), Social Media integration (Facebook, Twitter etc), business cards or print advertising campaigns — just to name a few of the things we can do!